Financial Institutions Partner Program

Our partner program positions financial institutions to face new challenges, achieve new revenue growth and increase customer acquisition — we work with partner branch locations to win new customers every single day.

Customized Sales Programs

We customize our merchant services programs for your financial institution — each program providing a different level of collaboration between TransNational Payments and your institution.

  • Bank Referral Program
  • Partner Program
  • Hybrid Program

Bank Referral Program

This no-liability program provides essential merchant services to your financial institution business customers. Simply refer your customers to TransNational Payments and we will help them find the right merchant services solution. Our Bank Referral Program benefits include: monthly residual payments for processed sales, expedited credit review, monthly merchant reports and comprehensive partner sales support.

Partner Program

In our Partner Program, TransNational Payments sales reps sell merchant services programs to your business customers directly, earning your financial institution deposit and non-interest revenue without significant cost investment. Our Partner Program benefits include: competitive revenue-based pricing, comprehensive partner sales support, and cross-selling and retention opportunities.


Hybrid Program

We work together to design a merchant services program that works specifically for your financial institution. Depending on the final program, the benefits typically include: a revenue split between TransNational Payments and your financial institution, comprehensive partner sales support and merchant application processing.

Financial Institutions Support Programs

Our dedicated, in-house, financial institution merchant account support team works with your branch sales staff to maximize new customer acquisition and current customer retention.

Financial Partner Reporting

Benefit from program insights — our reporting tools help both your financial institution and your merchants manage payment transactions through a variety of comprehensive reports, available online 24/7.


Benefits of Bank Partnership Referral Program

  • Increase the earnings of your financial institution with ongoing revenues.
  • Grow deposits by capitalizing on strong brand recognition and branch distribution.
  • Reduce costs with the sales proficiency, experience and economies of scale of TransNational Payments — we assume expenses, merchant liability (including fraud and chargebacks) and operational responsibility for the back-office support functions (customer service, help desk, etc.).
  • Create a long-term alliance that can bring best-in-class sales, service, products, branding, distribution and pricing to your merchant business.
  • Access a professional, dedicated partner sales force that works branch referrals and cold calls to merchants in your current markets.

Join our Referral Bank Partnership Program