Partner with a Second Amendment Payment Processor

Choose AFRA's preferred payment provider and save with group leveraged rates for members.


For nearly two decades, TransNational Payments has helped hundreds of firearms and ammunitions businesses simplify their merchant services. We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with AFRA will continue our shared vision in promoting pro-growth and stability within our industry for small business like yours!

If you are an AFRA member, you’re eligible for exclusive partner benefits, including group-leveraged credit card processing rates*. On average, our reduced rates and fees can save you up to 30%-40% compared to other processing services. Let us extend a completely free savings analysis to show how much this partnership can save your business!


Fully Integrated Solutions

Have the ultimate flexibility and never miss a sale! Features such as automated invoicing, email receipts, and available next-day funding shed time off your week. Take payments on-the-go at shows or conferences with our mobile payment solutions.


Industry-Leading Security

Track your processing and eliminate chargebacks with our account management tools exclusive to our merchants. All credit card terminal equipment we offer maintains the highest level of security and compliance.


24/7 Customer Support

Our support staff is all local and in-house, which means we’re right at your fingertips with one-call problem resolution. We’ll make it easy to get your business up and running with lightning fast and reliable installation.

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We'll provide a free savings analysis to show how this partnership can help your business grow.

Why work with TransNational?

Tom (C.T.) Bainbridge has over 13 years of industry experience working with hundreds of firearms businesses to reduce costs on merchant processing, including Sports South.

*Discounted group-leveraged rates and fees are only available for registered AFRA members.