Be Your Own Boss

The College Program of TransNational Payments, helping one college student at a time by supporting the sales team of TransNational Payments, in turn supporting the backbone of the business.

Be Your Own Boss is a platform supported by TransNational Payments that provides job opportunities to college students, where students are able to get INVOLVED and acquire the necessary skills to be marketable post-graduation.


Services of TransNational Payments

TransNational Payments’ credit card processing services allow merchants to accept in-store payments, conduct online payment processing and take credit cards with our mobile credit card processing app. Check out our solutions:

Credit Card Processing

Mobile Payments

Payment Gateway

POS Systems

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs


Merchant Services — College Rep Submission Form

Support a college student today by saving (on average 30%) on your credit card processing.

How this works:

  1. Merchant processing statement is submitted electronically by Merchant or College Sales Executive for review.
  2. TransNational Payments’ Account Manager analyzes the statement and provides a free cost analysis.
  3. You, the merchant, decide to take advantage of the 30% (or greater) savings.
  4. College student earns some money to pay for school while you, the merchant, save money.