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Data Pro is proud to partner with TransNational Payments to provide exclusive pricing on your integrated payment solutions. For nearly two decades, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses nationwide accept payments effortlessly!  Being Data Pro’s preferred payments provider makes it easy for you to get your gateway up and running fast.

As a benefit of this partnership, we work to provide the most competitive rates & fees available. On average, these group leveraged rates can save up to 40% compared to other processors.  Fill out the form below to get started and get a free savings analysis from our payment experts.


Fully Integrated Payments

Seamlessly integrate TransNational’s robust payment gateway with your Data Pro software for efficient transactions that meet the latest encryption & security standards. Next-day funding is also available.


Industry-Leading Security

Track your processing and eliminate chargebacks with our account management tools exclusive to our merchants. All credit card terminal equipment we offer maintain the highest level of security and compliance.


24/7 Customer Support

Our support staff is all local and in-house, which means we’re right at your fingertips with one-call problem resolution. We’ll make it easy to get your business up and running with lightning fast and reliable installation.

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