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Save money on credit card processing with our group leveraged rates for members.


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TransNational Payments merchant relations works to always strengthen our payments service
TransNational Payments' extended partnership with the Illinois Chiropractic Society makes it easy for you to save time & resources.  As a member, you're eligible for exclusive benefits that have already helped hundreds of practices across the nation accept payments effortlessly.
For almost two decades, TransNational Payments has continued to be an industry leader in payment solutions with unmatched client support. Our competitive group leveraged credit card processing rates reduce processing costs by an average of 30%-40%.  Let us extend a free rate analysis to show how much this partnership can save your business!
Secure payment gateway from TransNational Payments.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Make lost or missing payments a thing of the past. Manage your business with features such as automated billing, invoicing, email receipts, and seamless software integration. Our virtual terminal and mobile payment solutions let you take payments on-the-go.

Secure credit card processing with TransNational Payments' top industry compliance.

Industry-Leading Security

Track your processing and eliminate chargebacks with our account management tools exclusive to our merchants. All credit card terminal equipment we offer maintain the highest level of security and compliance.

24/7 customer support from TransNational Payments.

24/7 Customer Support

Our support staff is all local and in-house, which means we're right at your fingertips with one-call problem resolution. We'll make it easy to get your business up and running with lightning fast and reliable installation.

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Let us provide a free rate analysis to show how this partnership can help your business grow.

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