MOTO Credit Card Processing

At TransNational Payments, we provide flexible payment processing options so your business can accept payments from all types of customers.

How MOTO Credit Card Processing Works

MOTO credit card processing is a great solution for merchants who collect payments over the phone, or through the mail. It’s also great for customers who aren’t as tech-savvy or don’t trust giving away their credit card information online due to fraud and hacking scares. There are a few different ways you can accept MOTO credit card transactions.

Virtual Terminal

All you have to do is take an order from a customer (through mail or phone) and fulfill it through your virtual terminal by inputting a customer’s credit card information. For more information on virtual terminals, click here.

Credit Card Terminal

You’ll have to take down the customer’s credit card information and enter it into your regular credit card terminal. Depending on your business process and needs, we may have other integrated payment solutions that might work best.

What businesses use MOTO credit card processing?

The most common businesses that generally need MOTO credit card processing are those who accept card-not-present transactions.

Need Some Help Determining the Right Solution

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