New Year, New Payroll

Unlimited payrolls. Guaranteed tax filing. Free set up & support. And no contracts.

The Beginning of the Year is the Best Time to Switch Your Payroll Services.

Why? Because payroll taxes start over January 1, which means less work for you!

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No Contracts. Automatic Tax Filing. Unlimited Payrolls.

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Why should you choose Full Service Payroll?

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    Unlimited Payrolls

    Say goodbye to expensive per-payroll fees and hello to a simple monthly rate. Choose the pay schedule that works best for you, then run payroll online in 3 easy steps. Your employees are paid with direct deposit, paychecks or cash — and your job is done!

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    Free Setup & Expert Support

    What sets our payroll service apart? Free account setup! We’ll enter your tax, payroll and employee information into your new payroll portal so you can get going fast. Questions? Contact us for US-based support via phone, email or chat.

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    Automatic Tax Filing

    Protect yourself from IRS fines. We automatically file and deposit your federal, state and local taxes. End-of-year filing fees for W-2s & W-3s? Absolutely not! You’re guaranteed accuracy and security with Full Service Payroll, and if there’s ever an error, we’ll take care of it.

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    Convenient Tools & Add-ons

    There’s something for everyone. Our payroll solution includes a free employee portal for each employee, where they can access pay stubs amd pay history. Add on Time & Attendance, HR software, 1099s and Workers Compensation Insurance any time.

Do you run multiple payrolls each month? Your savings could double!

Ex: Monthly cost for 5 employees on a biweekly pay schedule


We do our credit cards through TransNational Payments. Once I saw you were offering [payroll] too, it was kind of a no-brainer. It literally takes less than a minute to do our payroll. [And] the customer service is great!

-Rachael Pifer, Paver Repair Pros

Run payroll online in 3 easy steps

1. Enter work hours and wages

2. Approve the payroll

3. Your employees are paid (and we handle your taxes)

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