TransNational Payments Announces Enhancements in Mobile EMV Payment Solution

ROSEMONT, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TransNational Payments recently announced enhancements in their mobile EMV payment solution. TransNational Payments’ mobile point-of-sale solution enables merchants to quickly and securely accept EMV chip card payments from any smartphone or tablet with ease. TransNational Payments allows you to take your business with you – accept credit card and cash payments, access real-time reporting, and keep track of inventory and sales from anywhere.

“We service a variety of industries; retail, field service, professional service and restaurants to name a few. Many of them do business in-store, but also remotely in the field, requiring a mobile solution. Our mobile EMV solution provides them with security, reporting and an easy-to-use, reliable solution to grow their business,” shared Mark London, EVP Sales & Marketing of TransNational Payments.

Commerce is trending mobile. The challenge now for retailers is to make their offerings as consumer-friendly, secure and adaptable as possible – TransNational Payments’ mobile EMV payment solution does just that, through ease of use and exceptional security.

Some key features of TransNational Payments’ mobile payment solution are:

  • Available on iOS or Android
  • Real-time reporting and dashboard, sync’d across all devices
  • Offline mode (store and forward)
  • Ability to text and/or email receipts
  • Ability to customize settings, including tip options, receipts, sales tax and more

Learn more about TransNational Payments’ mobile EMV payment solution at

“Today, a merchant’s risk for fraudulent losses related to counterfeit, lost or stolen card-present transactions is significant. We believe our mobile EMV chip card reader will help our merchants reduce this risk,” commented Jae Haas, President of TransNational Payments.

For almost two decades, TransNational Payments has continued to evolve the fast-paced merchant services industry with cutting-edge technology and unmatched customer support. Merchants trust TransNational Payments to manage their payments in-store, online and anywhere their business takes them.

About TransNational Payments

Since 1999, TransNational Payments has been an industry leader in payment solutions and merchant services serving businesses nationwide, being recognized as one of the most charitable and socially responsible companies in the industry. Merchants trust TransNational Payments to manage their payments in-store, online and anywhere their business takes them.