Put an End Chasing Down Missing Payments

Are you tired of wasting energy trying to track down missing payments that disrupt the revenue cycle management at your practice? We provide simple payment solutions that make collecting payments from your patients hassle-free. Set-up recurring billing, automatic invoicing, and take multiple payment forms from your patients.


Fully Integrated Processing

Never miss out on a payment.  Manage your practice with features such as recurring billing, automatic invoicing, email receipts, and client reporting. Or use mobile payment solutions for on-the-go from a smartphone or tablet.  Next-day funding is also available.

Industry Leading Security

Know your payments are always protected. We ensure all equiptment we offer meets the latest processing security standards, including PCI and DSS compliance. Fight fraud with EMV-certified terminals for chip-card processing.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service team offers one call problem resolution, so anytime you need help. All in-house, meaning quick & reliable troubleshooting right at your fingertips.

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