Check Services for Small Businesses

Skip the trip to the bank — safely accept and process paper checks right at your point-of-sale.


Process paper checks the same way you process credit cards. Have access to your funds quickly without having to step foot at a bank! We offer a variety of unique check processing options that best suit each business type.

End the risk of non-payment with guaranteed funding and verification programs. This means you won’t be running down bounced or bad checks when payments are made.

  • Avoid bounced payments with guaranteed funding.

  • Take checks in person or through the mail.

  • Control your transactions with 24/7 reporting.

  • Flexible with virtual terminal or POS equipment.

  • Higher check limits and fewer limitations for fast payments.

  • Payroll cashing options available.

24/7 In-House Support

We take pride in our commitment of keeping your payment solutions running stress-free. Have an issue processing a check during business hours? Our customer support is all in-house, which means quick & reliable troubleshooting right at your fingertips!

The Cost of Payroll Services for Small Businesses Doesn't Have to Be Outrageous.

Simply pay a monthly fee and enjoy unlimited payrolls, automatic tax filing and free account setup & support.

Which payment solution is best for you?