Online Credit Card Processing Made Simple

Swipe, EMV chip cards or key-in payments via multiple interfaces, including mobile, POS systems, software integration, payment plugins and shopping carts with our payment gateway.

Online Payment Processing

Whether you need to swipe, key-in cards or process checks, it can all be done via your browser from any computer.


Swipe Software

Accept Card-Present Transactions

Swipe Software is designed for face-to-face retail merchants using a Microsoft Windows based PC.

Integrate an Encrypted EMV Card Reader

Because the card never leaves the customer’s hands, transactions are fast, private, convenient and secure.

Experience the Effortless Setup

See how simple it is to set up Swipe Software and start accepting EMV card-present transactions.

Make the Move Today to a Better Experience

Get started accepting online payments.

E-Commerce Payment Gateway Reporting

Understand Your Business

Our reporting provides the insights you need, by a variety of parameters including transaction details and transaction activity. Quick transactions can also be performed on existing transactions queried through the reporting section.

Search Transactions

Transactions can be searched by status, transaction type, date range, amount range, order ID and more.

Manage Past Transactions from One Place

Easily perform voids and refunds for each transaction, with the option to re-send copies of receipts to your customers.

Customized Settings and Integrations

QuickBook Plugin

Skip the double entries and let QuickBooks® SyncPay handle the transactions of your merchants from start to finish.

Fraud Prevention

iSpy Fraud is used as a first line of defense against the most common types of fraud — define what transactions you will and will not accept. See more in our video.

iProcess Mobile

A mobile payments processing solution that provides you with the flexibility and convenience to accept credit card payments on-the-go, while benefiting from the Payment Gateway’s robust features. Learn more.

Accept Online Payments