Human Resources Software

Keep all of your employee data organized and streamline your HR process.


Our Human Resources Software is an add-on to Full Service Payroll.

Your handbooks, files and forms are online, secure and accessible

Tired of making printed copies of your company’s documents for each of your employees over and over? Instead, upload your important company documents one time, and then your employees can access them anytime.

Trying to remember who you gave a raise to, when, and for how much?

You can quit digging through old spreadsheets and file folders with scattered notes. Our Human Resources Software automatically keeps a history of all of your emergency contacts, notes, job title changes, dates and more for you!

Easily manage your employee info

  • Paperless records for your employees

  • Integrates seamlessly with Full Service Payroll

  • Track employees’ employment history

  • Track employees’ census data

  • Share important documents with employees


$4/mo +$1/mo per employee

Human Resources Software Features

Employee Files Online

Maintain paperless records by storing your employee files online. Access critical employee information whenever you need to.

Online Handbook

Store your Employee Handbook and other company documents online and give your employees access to explore or reference them anytime.

Easy Reporting

Because your employee data is neatly organized online, various HR and employee reports are generated and available for you 24/7.

Safe and Secure

Company and employee documents are stored securely and backed up regularly on our servers — no more creaky filing cabinets and manila folders.

30-Day Free Trial

When you use our Full Service Payroll software, we also give you a 30-day free trial of our Human Resources Software.

Free Expert Support

Just call our U.S.-based support team at (877) 968-7147 if you have any questions.

Ready to ditch the filing cabinets? Try HR Software with Full Service Payroll.

Human Resources Software FAQ

What is Human Resources Software?

It’s the online human resources software that helps you keep your employee records organized. It’s an optional add-on to Full Service Payroll.

What can I use Human Resources Software for?

You can easily keep track of your employee’s information, such as job history, employment dates, emergency contacts, notes, and electronic file attachments.

How does the Document Storage feature work?

Document Storage allows you to scan, upload and store electronic files, reducing the amount of paper files you need to keep at your office. This is very useful for employee personnel file items, and other items you routinely file. All major file formats can be stored including .doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, HTML, .gif, .jpg, and .tif images. These files can then be accessed from anywhere you are able to access Human Resources Software online.

Do you have payroll software that I can use alongside this Human Resources Software?

Yes. As an add-on to our Full Service Payroll, Human Resources Software works together with our state-of-the-art payroll software.


Employee Contact Info

Keeping employee contact information organized can be a challenging part of human resources management. This report shows all active employees and their address, phone, and email.

Retirement Plan Contribution

Shows employee payroll deferrals and employer contributions to be deposited into a retirement savings plan. This report is useful for determining the amount scheduled to be deposited by the employer into your company’s retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k) or IRA.

Emergency Contacts

This is a summary of all active employee emergency contact information.


Shows all active employee birthdays. View all employees, or one month at a time.

Employee Census

View demographic info for your employees, including status, dates, and title.

New Hires

Keeping track of new hires can be a time-consuming task for human resources management. This report shows everyone who was hired or rehired within a date range. This report is useful for tracking employees who need to be reported to your state as a new hire, in accordance with state law requirements.

Service Anniversaries

Shows all active employee service anniversaries. View all employees, or one month at a time.

Additional Information

HR Management and Reporting
  • Employee Census reporting
  • New Hire reporting as required by your state
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Retirement Plan Contributions
Employee Information Tracking
  • Employee demographics and statistics
  • Job history, including effective dates
  • Status history, including hire, term, rehire, and leave of absence dates
  • Employee notes
Document Storage
  • Go paperless – Upload and save electronic documents for your employees.
  • All major file formats can be stored for easier HR management.
  • Documents are stored on our secure servers and backed up regularly.
  • Display your own company documents (such as handbooks and blank forms) to your employees through their own personal account.
  • Upload employees’ reviews, resumes

Online. Organized. Accessible. Try Human Resources Software for free!

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