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Keep online and in-store inventory automated with Rain point-of-sale

Always in Sync

Make a sale in your store or online? Your inventory is instantly updated on your website, point of sale, and on mobile.

Build a professional website with Rain software

Website Building

Get a fully-functional, custom website that's easy to add products, photos, and more with just a few clicks or touches.

Track product rentals and repairs with Rain point-of-sale

Simple Product Tracking

Efficiently track product repairs, rentals, reservations, deposits, and checkouts all from one spot - all synced over the cloud.

On-the-go on any device with Rain point-of-sale
Update your inventory in real time and keep your customers happy. With Rain’s all-in-one platform, combine tasks like inventory tracking, rental equipment management, and repair logging. All built-in to your point-of-sale and available on-the-go!
With Rain, roll your website and POS into one system to manage your business effortlessly. Anytime you make a sale online or at your store, your inventory will sync instantly over the cloud across all your devices. All available to you at discounted partner pricing.

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