Merchant Services FAQ's

What credit cards can I accepts?

By signing with TransNational, you will be able to accept all credit card types; Discover (R), Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club International. You can also accept China’s UnionPay, Japan’s JCB and Korea’s BCcard. These are all the largest credit card issuers in their respective countries with billions of cards issues. We also offer Fleet card acceptance, if applicable. If you already are enrolled in these, let us know your account numbers and we will notate our files so you can process using your existing accounts.

How do I update my account address or telephone number?

Contact our office to complete a change request form. Changes will be made in two business days of receipt of request. Download the change request form here.

Will training be provided?

Yes! TransNational’s technical staff personally oversees every new merchant installation. Initial and on-going training will be performed until you are completely satisfied.

What can I expect from TransNational?

A dedicated account representative, over fifteen years of experience servicing merchants across the U.S., access to the most aggressive and consistent rate structure available in the industry today, and peace of mind.

How soon will I have access to my funds?

Normally, settled funds for Visa/MasterCard are deposited into your business checking account within 48 hours, 24 hours for debit activity.

Can I use my existing business checking account?

Yes. There is no need to switch banks. We’ll deposit funds into any U.S. bank.

Can I accept credit cards on my website?

Yes, TransNational can easily enable your website to accept electronic payments. Be sure to have your web developer’s contact information on hand when you contact us.

If I need help, who do I call?

For general questions during business hours, call 888-998-6224. For questions regarding operation of your merchant account, call the support help line 24/7 located on your terminal or in your welcome kit provided.

How are my monthly fees paid?

Monthly fees are automatically debited from your business checking account at the end of each month. There is no need to send in a check to pay fees. A detail of all fees is provided in your monthly statement to reconcile your accounting.

Can I accept debit cards?

You can accept debit cards for debit networks throughout the U.S. Contact your sales representative to enroll you in a debit card program. We support both pin-based and signature-based debit transactions.

What are my monthly fees?

Monthly fees vary based on the type of your account. All merchants pay a monthly minimum, a statement fee, discount rate and authorization fee on every transaction. Refer to your merchant bankcard agreement for your specific fees.

How do I change the Direct Deposit Account (DDA) my batches are deposited into?

This change requires a signature from the account guarantor. Download the change request form here.

Can I have other people as signers or contacts on my merchant account?

The guarantor completes and signs a Contact Change Form. Download the Contact Change Form here. The contact is only allowed to obtain account information; the guarantor must still authorize changes. If you need to change the guarantor, please call us.

Can I place a hold on my merchant account?

We can close your account, but monthly minimum and statement fees will apply. Should you close your account completely, reopening is simple. Please contact your sales representative for assistance.