Credit Card Processing for Chiropractors

Like all fast-paced businesses, your chiropractic practice needs a simple, cost-effective credit card processing partner.

Make life simple at your chiropractic practice with TransNational Payments.


Credit Card Processing for Chiropractors

Payment Processing

We make it easy and cost-effective to process payments. Our services include: credit card processing, debit card processing, mobile payment apps and online payment services.

Mobile Payment Processing

Your patients can’t always come to you — our mobile payments app allows you to take payments on-the-go or in the exam room. Mobile payments make for simple and cost-effective credit card processing.

Online Credit Card Processing

Do you sell products online to your patients or take payment on upcoming or past visits? We can help you accept payments through your website.

Make the Move to a Better Experience

We specialize in serving Chiropractors.

Compliance is Key — Keep Your Data Safe

Flexible Device Options

Multiple device options available that support EMV-chip cards and near field communication (NFC) contactless.

Security Focused

Our customer vault allows you to securely store customer data and process payments without accessing cardholder information directly.

Strong Controls

Customize your user settings and limit access by IP address to help keep unauthorized users lookup their vehicle with just the license number.


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Make the right choice — TransNational Payments!

  • Dependable and secure debit card processing and credit card processing
  • Flexible e-commerice options
  • Recurring and installment payments options
  • Robust 24/7 phone and email customer support
  • Support for a variety of point-of-sale systems and mobile payment processing

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