Merchants Services for Healthcare Providers

We help health organizations, hospitals, general and specialist clinics equip an unlimited number of users to accept multiple payment options, such as in-person and online, recurring bill pay and invoicing, and mobile payments.



Healthcare organizations depend on two things to thrive: ease of use and secure systems. TransNational Payments helps health organizations, hospitals and general and specialist clinics (such as eye and dental) by way of secure payment options and simple practice management software. Further, our extensive reporting capabilities securely store all transaction records in accordance to HIPPA/PCI standards.

Online Payment Processing

Swipe cards, key-in cards or process checks, all via your browser from any computer with our payment gateway — also perfect for storing sensitive customer data.

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Mobile Payment Processing

Our mobile payment processing app allows you and your employees to take payments from anywhere! Faster, easier checkouts equal happier customers — who doesn't want that?

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Let TransNational Payments do the work when it comes to your company's payment processing so that you can focus on what really matters — your healthcare business.

Our solutions for healthcare businesses include:


  • Recurring Billing
  • Storing Customer Card Data
  • Accept Payments From Anywhere
  • EMV Enabled Devices
  • Robust Reporting
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  • E-Receipt
  • Multi-User Functionality
  • EMV Enabled Devices
  • NFC/Contactless Payments
  • Electronic Signature Capture & Receipts
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Practice Management Software

  • Flexible Billing Options
  • Easy Appointment Scheduling
  • Benefits Information
  • Automated Patient Requests
  • Manage Billing & Coding
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Solutions for Your Financial Health

Simple Copay Management

As you help your patients find correct treatment, TransNational Payments helps you process their copay simpler and quicker. Save time between appointments and accept full range of credit, debit and ACH payments using our latest in-practice, online and mobile solutions compliant with PCI and EMV requirements.

Secure Recordkeeping Tools

Patient confidentiality is key, especially when it comes to protecting your clients’ billing information. A secure customer vault, available through TransNational Payments’ payment gateway, lets you keep all cardholder data safe and accessible only by authorized users, while simultaneously making it readily available for your future billing needs.

Dynamic Reporting Solutions

Up-to-date records play an important role in helping you keep your healthcare organization running smoothly. TransNational Payments’ reports tool, conveniently located in your Merchant Portal, provides a complete breakdown of your transactions and statements. We make it easy for you to manage your revenue and generate steadier cash flow.

Automate Your Payment Processing

Do you have patients undergoing treatment or visiting your location on a scheduled basis? Our recurring billing feature can bring your healthcare organization to the next level of efficiency.

Improve Cash Flow

Processing payments manually after each patient’s visit is time-consuming and error-prone, both factors that can obstruct cash flow at your organization. With recurring billing from TransNational Payments you need to enter patients’ information and select your preferences just once to let the system make reliable, on-time withdrawals for you.

Reduce Payment Declines

Keeping your patients’ billing information up-to-date is a difficult task. Our recurring billing feature helps you avoid problematic payment declines by keeping a complete list of all patient subscribers, while informing you whenever their credit card on file is close to or past its expiration.

Transform Patient Experience

Predictable expenses make budgeting simple. With recurring billing you can help your patients experience this perk by notifying them upfront about each payment’s amount, timing and frequency. Our solution offers plenty of flexibility by making it easy to edit your patient’s current recurring billing plan or add them to multiple ones in a matter of seconds.


Employees at my busy network of optometry clinics were becoming really overwhelmed by daily record-keeping; it just was taking too much time in the day. I worked with TransNational to improve my company’s billing and invoicing processes, which included adding systems to securely store customer payment information.

Dr. Andrew N.

We have easy & inexpensive healthcare management software.

Simple copay management, secure billing, robust reporting & more!

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Merchants trust TransNational Payments to manage their credit card processing in-store, online and anywhere their business takes them.


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