Credit Card Processing for Law Firms

We make payment processing simple for law firms and attorneys.


Simplify payments.

Increase cash flow.

Make clients happy.

Credit Card Processing for Law Firms

Payment Processing

We make it easy and cost-effective to process payments. Our services include: credit card processing, debit card processing, mobile payment apps and online payment services with our payment gateway.

Mobile Payment Processing

Sometimes it is just easier to take payments where you want. Our mobile payment processing app lets you take payments anywhere – in the office, at court, at home or on the beach.

Online Payment Services

Run recurring payments and easily establish custom payment plans for individual clients and accounts, we make managing recurring payments simple with our payment gateway.

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Payment Gateway

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal replaces the need for a credit card terminal and allows your law firm to process credit card transactions online.

Security Focused

Our customer vault allows you to securely store customer data and process payments without having to access cardholder information directly.


Our reporting provides the insights you need, by a variety of parameters including transaction details and transaction activity. You can also add custom fields to track client or project billing.

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When you select TransNational Payments for your B2B credit card processing, you can expect:

  • Dependable and secure debit and credit card processing

  • Recurring payment and invoicing options

  • Streamlined payments that you can accept from multiple locations

  • In-house 24/7 phone and email support

  • Support for a variety of point-of-sale and mobile payment processing devices

  • Flexible B2B online payment options

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