Payment Processing for Organizations and Non-Profits

We make it hassle-free for your donors and members.

The success of organizations like non-profits, associations, and chambers depends on how easily donors and members can engage with them. TransNational Payments offers payment flexibility with in-person, mobile, and online options; recurring bill pay for regular donations and annual membership renewals, as well as special event payment and donation solutions; email receipt capabilities; systems capacity to accommodate multiple users simultaneously–and processes for smoothly integrating all these functions into current donation platform software.


“Combining our organization’s membership and fundraising drives into one major special event meant we needed to adjust how we accepted payments. We also needed a more efficient, faster donation structure so we could accommodate different kinds of donors. TransNational Payments provided us with the hardware to take a variety of payments and automatically generate email receipts, while also allowing us to easily distinguish one-time from recurring donors and returning members.”

– Sadie B., Operations Manager

Accommodate All Payment Platforms

Whether for special events and fundraisers or day-to-day administration, TransNational Payments can help non-profits, associations, chambers, and charities set up the equipment and solutions required to handle any payment need.

Enable Multiple Users

TransNational Payments provides mobile payment solutions that make it easy to accept payments from, and email receipts immediately to, donors and members at fundraising and other special events–by a large number of users working simultaneously.

Easily Track Donations and Fees

To achieve their missions and support their values, organizations depend on the generosity of donors and members. TransNational Payments can provide the infrastructure to accept payments online, including recurring bill pay–and to track it all with sophisticated reporting capabilities.

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